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Here at Russell’s Moving and Storage we offer efficient Calabasas moving and storage solutions. We understand that during the transition of a move you may not be able to take all of your items with you. Sometimes this need is short-term and occasionally this need is long-term. There are a variety of reasons a family may need storage. Sometimes a family may be downsizing and no longer have room for several important items. Occasionally a family may be moving into temporary housing while they wait on their final residence whether it be new construction or something else. Below are a few tips on how to prepare your items for storage. 

  1. Create an inventory list: We will create an inventory list for you as well, but having your own inventory list is helpful. This allows you to mentally account for all items that you have in storage and to be your own personal reminder of where things are.
  2. Important items: You don’t want all of your items in storage. Make a list of important must-have on hand items and then items that you feel you can live without for an extended period of time. This will help you narrow down what items are better off in storage.
  3. Clean: Before placing your items in storage it is helpful if you have thoroughly cleaned each item prior. This will help prevent any stains from setting in as well as making sure your belongings stay fresh as long as possible. This will also help prevent your items from getting other items dirty. 
  4. Label: Labeling your belongings with your name is helpful for your own piece of mind.

If we can help make your move easier please feel free to reach out to our dedicated team any time. We are happy to accommodate all of your Calabasas moving and storage needs. We look forward to helping you with all your future move endeavors.