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In a perfect world all schools and schools districts would be the same. However, this is not the case. Some schools excel in providing children with excellent teachers, resources, etc. Others do not. So, that you will have an easier time researching the school district where you will be moving into, we have provided you with the following tips.

  • Make a wish list: Just as all schools and school districts are not the same, not all children’s educational opportunities are the same. Make a list of the qualities you desire in a school. Ask yourself if you prefer a small school or a larger one. Does your child learn better in a structured learning environment or dos he/she respond better in an independent study situation? Answering these kinds of questions will help you focus your research.
  • Work with your real estate agent: Your local real estate agent will likely have done some research on his/her own about schools and other features of the new community you will be moving into. Quiz him or her about the local district. He/she should be happy to provide you with the information you seek.
  • Use online resources: Sites like Greatschools will give you information about ratings for public, private and charter schools around the country. You can also read reviews by parents and learn about teacher qualifications, school enrollment procedures, etc.
  • Contact the school itself: Contact each school you are considering directly with your list of prepared questions. Ask the school principal or an administrator how they handle bullying, what kind of after school clubs they have, etc.school
  • Talk to students: The best way to assess a school’s environment is to talk to students. Ask them how they feel about the school, the teachers, their classmates, etc. This way you will get the unvarnished truth.

Ultimately, whether going across the state or cross country, one of the most important things for parents to consider when moving is where their children will attend school. By taking the time to research the district your child will be moving into you will be giving him/her the best learning opportunity possible. As movers in Burbank, we can provide you with the best services from our Westlake Village storage company. Relieve the stress of moving and contact us when you are ready.