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To ensure the precious antiques that you have retain their value, they need to be stored properly. They need to be stored with greater care than you would give to contemporary items. That is because antiques are often old and fragile and susceptible to damage/devaluation. Keep your valuable treasures protected with these storage tips from Russell’s Moving and Storage:

Find a secure storage facility

The first step to storing your antiques is to find the right storage facility. The storage facility you choose should use security measures such as cameras, fencing, electronic gate access, alarmed storage units, etc. In other words, the owners of the storage facility you are considering should have all the tools necessary to protect your valuable artwork, antique furniture, family heirlooms, etc.

Use a climate-controlled storage facility

Extreme heat and cold can wreak havoc on antique items. Storage facilities with climate controls protect your antiques and art from damaging temperatures. Our relocation company keeps temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees at all times to provide peace of mind and year-round protection.

Use extra packing 

Use all the wrapping you would with contemporary items and then add more when packing wrapping items. Protect them by wrapping them in bubble wrap, towels and any other soft materials that will help lessen the shock of a fall. Additionally, mark your antiques “fragile.” Here are some quick packing tips for packing antiques: 

  • Create an inventory list
  • Spray wooden furniture with high-quality furniture polish 
  • Wrap mirrors, paintings, and other artwork in protective coverings with felt pieces on sharp edges
  • Use storage and moving boxes specifically designed for mirrors and large artwork
  • Use furniture sheets to protect upholstered antiques
  • Do NOT stack antique furniture

Check your insurance policy 

If you have antiques and artwork chances are you have a special policy to protect them in case of loss, theft or damage. Make sure that you check this policy before moving or storing such items.

Check up on your antique furniture: 

Check your unit frequently to make sure that your items are okay. This way you will be able to quickly address any damage that may have occurred.

If you do not have a location to store your antique furniture that will keep it free from fluctuations in temperature or humidity, consider storage in Agoura Hills at our climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage facility will maintain a range of temperature ideal for the storage of sensitive items. We have storage units that range in a number of sizes as well. So, whether you’re storing an antique clock or your grandma’s antique couch, we’ve got you covered.