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It is the task that everyone dreads. Opening up and emptying the junk closet that has just been collecting items for years. Of course, a lot of those items can either be thrown away or donated, but when you come across the box of old photographs that your grandma had printed for you, there is no way you are going to part with them. Make sure to protect these photographs by following these simple steps. 

Your best friend along this journey is going to be acid-free paper. The ink that is used to print photographs is insanely delicate and needs to be treated with care. Buy paper that says it is acid free and then double check again. This paper protects the ink and prevents the photos from going yellow and deteriorating. You can cut the paper into pieces that are just a tad larger than the photo to make sure they are large enough to be able to cover the entire surface and then place a paper in between each of the photos. You will have a million things to do when you move in and you might not get the chance to properly place them in, once again, acid free photo books until a few months later. Do yourself a favor and protect them now. 

When you are putting them in a line, resist the urge to fix the bent corner or crinkled edge. You will likely do more damage than there was to start with. Work with a professional to do any photo fixing later. It will be hard to not reminisce as you look over the photos that will likely bring up memories that you had perhaps forgotten. There is no time to reflect on every photo, you are moving. Now, if you happen to find a double photo and need a gift for mom, stick it in a frame and call it done. One less thing to move! 

When you are packing your photos, all neatly in between sheets of acid free paper, make sure to store them flat and in a dark container. Plastic bins are not your friend. Find a box that will not let any light in. Then you can put that box in a different moving box if you need to and label the outside. When it gets moved into your new home, make sure to not put that box of photos in the shove all closet. 

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