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Moving day involves a lot of concerns for movers paying up the remaining bills, disconnecting the utilities, disassembling the large furniture pieces and so on. Thus, it is hardly a surprise that many people do not have what attire they will wear on that day as being uppermost in their minds. However, this one area of moving preparation is indeed important. Wearing the right kinds of clothing can help keep you safe and comfortable as you move. Below, we present some of the most important tips for deciding what to wear on moving day.

  • Shoes: When it comes to moving day footwear, you should go for practicality over style. Wear protective footwear that totally encloses your feet (no sandals or flip-flops). This kind of footwear will protect your feet in the event you drop an item on them. Tennis shoes and boots are both great choices as they are practical, comfortable and can give your feet a measure of protection against accidents.
  • Pants: Moving involves a lot of walking, stretching and bending. Therefore, you should wear pants that are comfortable and breathable. Cropped pants or jeans are usually safe choices as to what should wear on moving day.
  • Season-appropriate clothing: You should always strive to make sure that you dress for the weather conditions in which you are moving. Dress lightly when the weather is warm and dress in layers when the weather is cold.
  • “Disposable” clothing: Wear clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty or even ripping. There will be many instances where your clothing may become damaged during your move. An old pair of jeans that you like but don’t love is a good example of the kind of clothing you should wear. moving clothes
  • Clothes with pockets: A great way to keep track of smaller items is to keep them in your pockets as you move. This could include items like your keys, your phone and a wallet and small tools you can use to reassemble furniture you are moving.

In brief, you should carefully consider the kind of clothing you will wear on moving day. The right choice will make your move that much safer. Our Westlake Village storage company can also make your move safe, affordable and seamless. Los Angeles moving and storage can be hectic and we are the solution that many people prefer to relieve the stress that is involved in a move.