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The Centers for Disease Control recommends that we all take steps to clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces in our homes. For people who are in the process of moving or who have recently moved into a new home, this message is of particular importance in these dangerous times. So, if you are still nervous about moving during a pandemic, here are some quick tips for sanitizing your things both before your move and when you arrive in your new home.

During Your Move

  • Have cleaning materials on-hand: All you need for the COVID-19 virus are the appropriate home cleaning products and materials. So, be sure to have these supplies on hand as you are moving: gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels and rags. You will be able to use these supplies as you move and when you arrive at your new destination.
  • Leave doors open for movers: Doors and door knobs are high contact items. By leaving your front door (and other doors that movers must pass through) you will be making it easier and safer for movers to come and go while transporting your possessions.
  • Wipe down cardboard boxes: If you must use cardboard wipe it down periodically. COVID-19 is known to live on this surface for as long as 24 hours.

After the Move

When you reach your new home you will have to be equally vigilant in avoiding germs. Here are some tips for cleaning and sanitizing your new home.cleaning

  • Target high contact areas: Use the disinfectant you have already purchased to clean the high contact areas of your new home including but not limited to doorknobs, table surfaces, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, faucets, light switches, etc.
  • First clean; then disinfect: Cleaning and disinfecting are two totally different actions. Cleaning means removing contaminants from surfaces. Disinfecting involves killing the germs that are present. First, clean surfaces with soap and water or mild detergent. Next, use disinfectant to kill any remaining germs.
  • Launder cleaning items: Finally, you should wash the towels, rags, etc., that you used to clean and disinfect your new home since viruses can live for a short time on fabric.

Russell’s Moving and Storage compiled this list in order to make your move safer. Our Pasadena moving and storage company is ready to help you with your next move with more tips you can see on our site. Our relocation company in Los Angeles can also give you a quick, accurate quote for when you are ready to move. Stay safe.