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If you have a high-value wine collection and are about to move then you have probably thought a lot lately about transporting your wines in a manner that causes them as little damage as possible. And since wine can be rather fragile, we offer you these steps for protecting this precious cargo.

  • Pack your wine appropriately: First and foremost, your wine bottles must be protected from possible breakage. You can do this by positioning the bottles on their sides and by wrapping them with newspaper, bubble wrap or even towels. Also, don’t be afraid to use generous amounts of each of these packing materials. Better safe than sorry.
  • Label your collection: Movers do pay attention to labels marked “Fragile” (at least ours do). Label the boxes containing your wines on all sides so that movers can see from every angle that they should be treated with special care.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Wine tends to be very sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. Therefore, try to avoid exposing your wine to temperatures cooler than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.
  • Take pictures of your collection: If you have a particularly valuable collection you may wish to take pictures of every bottle. This may come in handy for insurance purposes.
  • Hire a specialist: In order to alleviate some of the stress that is involved in moving a valuable collection, you should consider hiring professionals to transport your wines. Specialty moving services focus on moving valuable and fragile items. We have full service moving in Los Angeles that includes specialty services as well as short and long term storage. wine
  • Avoid bottle shock: When you arrive at your new destination, your wines are bound to have been jostled around to some degree. Therefore, you should wait sometime after you have moved to open them. Seven days after a move is the recommended period you should wait before opening wine bottles.

Russell’s Moving and Storage compiled this list in order to help you transport your wine more safely. However, we do not recommend doing so by yourself. You should consider hiring professionals to preserve the sanctity of your collection. This way you will help ensure that your wine gets there safely and you will have one less thing to worry about on what is bound to be a hectic day. Our Beverly Hills storage company is ready to help you with your next move.