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Home gyms are very convenient when you want to get a work out without having to go to a fitness center. (After all, many facilities are still closed during the current COVID19 crisis.) However, fitness and sports equipment can become extremely inconvenient when it comes time to relocate. The problem is that much fitness equipment is bulky and is not designed to be moved about once it has been set up. To move your fitness and sport equipment safely, it’s essential to pack it the right way, even if you’re in a hurry. Here’s how.

  • Clean equipment: Start by wiping down all your exercise equipment. Your user’s guide will likely give you some instruction on how to do so without damaging the equipment. What’s more, you may wish to go beyond simply wiping down your home gym in this day and age. It is a good idea to actually disinfect all pieces and check each piece for damage such as missing screws, rust, etc.

  • Sort and purge before packing and moving sports equipment: After you have cleaned and disinfected your equipment, consider purging yourself of items that you no longer want. This will make the task of moving the pieces much easier.

  • Moving free weights: Make sure that you use strong, sturdy boxes when packing dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. You may even wish to use a plastic bin instead of cardboard boxes. Finally, wrap free weights with enough insulating material such as bubble wrap, newspaper and even towels.

  • Packing a treadmill: As with all your equipment, make sure to clean and sanitize your treadmill or elliptical before packing. Refer to the manual you used to assemble these larger items and pack each piece carefully.
  • Hire a moving company: You do not want to go it alone when packing and moving a home gym. Apart from the pieces being heavy, they may also be dangerous if dropped or if one lifts the heavier pieces improperly. The professionals at our Los Angeles moving and storage company have experience moving heavy equipment safely so that no one is injured 

We know that a move is stressful, especially when getting large, delicate objects safely onto – and off — the moving truck. That’s why you need our Pasadena moving company.