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Sometimes putting away your holiday décor can be just as elating as setting it out. At
the end of the holiday season, it can be refreshing to pack away all the fun decorations and get
a fresh start for the new year. In order to help keep all of your precious items not only safe and
secure for next year but also easily accessible, you will want to make sure that you pack them
away properly. Make sure you get all of your materials ready to go before you start packing holiday decorup
to make things easier for you. As an experienced Pasadena moving company, we have packed
up holiday décor more than once and know the best tips and tricks! Make sure you have on
hand: sharpies, newspaper and or bubble wrap, Ziplock bags, boxes, and a label maker if you
want to be very efficient.
Start with your holiday wreaths. Wreaths were meant to be hung and will store best
hung up. Get small hooks you can hang around your garage and display your wreaths so that
they do not get damaged at the bottom of a box. Do you have any special holiday displays?
Perhaps houses, nativity scenes, etc.? The best way to package these items up is to make sure
they all stay together! Pack all the items together very carefully so that when you go to display
them next year everything is all in one place. Ornaments can be difficult to wrap but first start
with your bulbs. You can buy special bulb boxes that have individual dividers inside an easy
carrying case. This is the easiest way ensure their safety in the easiest to care for packaging.
Individually wrap all of your specialty ornaments in newspaper or tissue paper and then place
them in a bubble wrap lined box.
If you need any assistance during your packing or moving process our professional
Pasadena moving company would be happy to help! We look forward to making the moving
process as easy as possible for you.