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Here at Russell’s Moving and Storage, we care about your belongings almost as much as you do. This is why we not only take great care in transporting them to your new home, but we also help protect your items while they are in storage in our huge, climate controlled facility. And since we know that it is not always practical or desirable to take all your belonging to your new home, we would like to give you some tips on how to prepare and store your items for both the long and short term.

  • Choose the right storage company: The first step to placing your things in storage is to find the right facility. The facility you choose should come with ample amenities – such as climate controls, a friendly staff, well maintained grounds and a secure environment complete with adequate lighting, cameras and alarms. We have all of these things and experience caring for our customer’s belongings because we know that just because these items are out of your sight doesn’t mean that they are out of mind.
  • Learn the facility’s rules: Once you have chosen a facility to go with – hopefully ours – you should find out about their storage restrictions. For example, some items that cannot be stored by any facility includes: gasoline, fertilizers, paint, chemicals, fireworks, explosives, narcotics and propane tanks. The facility you choose should provide you with a list of all forbidden items.
  • Decide which personal items to put in storage: Obviously, you will want to place in storage items that you will not need immediately but that you do not wish to sell or give away. You will also want to create an inventory of all stored items.
  • Clean and vacuum belongings: Clean your items meticulously to give them the best chance of remaining fresh, undamaged and odor-free until you can retrieve them. Wipe down furniture, clean clothing and scrub all items of foreign substances that could encourage bugs, mold and other nasties to take up residence in your unit. moving
  • Pack and label all boxes: Be sure to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, newspaper or other insulating material before placing them into boxes. Also, when placing your items in storage make sure to stack your belongings by weight. Sturdier items should go on the bottom with the most fragile items placed at the tip.

Want to learn more about how to store things in our storage facility? Visit our blog for more tips and information on all things related to storage and moving. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles provides courteous and efficient service for LA and its surroundings cities. Visit our Pasadena moving and storage company to schedule a tour and to reserve a unit.