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Moving into a new place is always an exciting time. It is a time to meet new neighbors, make new friends and to enjoy a refreshing change of scenery. Oddly enough, it is also a time that can be somewhat profitable. How could that be with all the expenses that are related to moving? Two word: moving sale. Here are our best six tips for managing a moving sale – not just any sale but one that will hopefully prove to be very profitable and perhaps even fun.

  • Invite a few friends to help: Many hands make light work at the saying goes. Try to get friends to help in order to make the sale go smoother. Friends who know you well will know what you are and are not willing to part with.
  • Do your homework: Perhaps you have a collection that seems important only to you. You may be wrong. Some of your collectibles may indeed fetch a better than average price. Find out how much your collection is worth by doing some online research. Don’t make the mistake of treating all the items you are willing to part with as junk.
  • Clean your merchandise: No one wants to buy dirty items that look like they have been dragged across the floor. Clean all your items and your clothing in particular before your set them out for sale. You may find that it makes quite a difference in the price you get for each item.
  • Get creative with your advertising: Use social media, posters, banners and other ways to advertise your moving sale. You will have a much bigger reach and a much better chance of making your event successful.
  • Check your local “garage sale” laws: Some municipalities may forbid moving sales so it is better to check first just to be sure. Or you may need a permit and checking first will let you know what to do in order to hold your sale “legally.”sale
  • Show off your merchandise: Instead of just plopping your merchandise on a table or sidewalk, take some time to organize a display. Sort similar items together in a manner that shows off their attractiveness and helps potential buyers choose the things they need easier.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your moving sale a rousing success. However, even it is not you can use our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles for items you do not sale and do not wish to throw away or donate. We also have a designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles.