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If you’ve planned your move well in advance then a sudden downpour on moving day may seem like a bit of a gut punch. Rain just adds to the stress of moving which is already a hectic time for many people. However, if you are planning to move and it does rain all is not lost. You can still make your move if you take certain precautions. Follow along to learn the best strategies to keep belongings dry as you move everything safely to your new destination.

  • Be careful: Dress appropriately for the rain. Make sure that you have waterproof footwear to give you greater traction as you move about in the rain. Also, be sure to use towels, mats, tarps or anything else that will give you better footing. Finally, avoid stepping into puddles or into mud.
  • Check the weather: Begin to check the weather daily as your moving day approaches. Doing so will give you a heads-up should it rain on your big day. If the option is available reschedule your moving day giving your moving company as much notice as possible. If changing the date is not an option then you must trudge on.
  • Use plastic coverings when you pack and move: Plastic is your friend when it comes to moving in the rain. Gather together taps, trash and contractor bags and anything else that will serve as covering and use it liberally to protect your belongings.
  • Mark items that can’t get wet: Some items are more susceptible to being damaged if they are wet. You will know which of your personal items fall into this category. Be sure to sort these items apart from more resilient items and take special care in moving them.
  • Keep towels close by for a quick dry-off of larger items: In spite of all your best efforts, some items are bound to get wet. To prepare for this contingency, keep towels nearby so that you can quickly dry off vulnerable items that do become wet.rain
  • Wait for lulls in the rain: Try to get as much accomplished during temporary dry periods before the rain starts back up again. However, still try to be careful as you move about on wet surfaces.

To summarize, moving in the rain presents a unique set of challenges on a day that is already bound to be filled with complications. As movers in Burbank, we can help you deal with some of these complications. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles can help under these trying circumstances and many other kinds of situations.