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One of the most popular times of year to move is the spring. Regardless of where one lives, there is something special about spring. Spring is a unique time of year that is associated with rebirth and renewal. Spring propels us to make big choices like making certain life changing decisions including the decision to move. So, if you are planning to relocate soon read on to learn these 6 tips for moving in the spring.

  • Star early: The peak time for moving is the summer. Moving during the spring is one way to seek and find competitive prices from moving companies before they get booked up.
  • Do your spring cleaning: You will probably need to clean thoroughly two times – you will need clean your old home and the home you are moving into. As part of spring cleaning, host a garage or moving sale. (See our previous blog on how to make your moving sale a success.) This will help net you extra cash and will reduce the amount of items you will have to transport to your new home.
  • Pay attention to the allergy count: Spring time is notorious for producing unusually high allergy counts. Make sure that if one of your family members has allergies to pack medications. Also, check the forecast before starting out on the road.
  • Sell your home with an added bonus: Studies show that spring is actually the best time to sell a home. The reasons for this are (a) most people prefer to settle into their new home by summer, (b) most homes look cleaner and more hospitable from after they have undergone spring cleaning.spring
  • Take advantage of spring break: Spring is a good time to move to a new city if you have school age children. The break will make it easier for your children to transition to a new school and will ensure that they are on hand during the move.
  • Shop around for a mover: The decision of which moving company to choose is an important one. After all, you are entrusting your valuable possessions to strangers. Take the time to look for customer reviews, ask for quotes and press the company for details about how long they’ve been in business, what kinds of moves the do, etc.

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