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Are you like a growing number of people around the world who collect things? Do you find value – monetary and sentimental – in things such as stamps, comic books, figurines, etc? Well, if you have collectibles and are concerned that they may be lost or damaged when you move, never fear. We hav


e some advice for those of you who are about to move and wish to protect your valuables in the process.

  • Get an appraisal: This will be necessary in the event your items become lost or damaged while moving. You will need to know the value of your special items when you file your insurance claim to cover your loss. Contact the American Society of Appraisers by mail at P.O. Box 17625, Washington, D.C. 20041, by telephone at 800-ASA-VALU (800-272-8258) or visit appraisers.org to have your collection valued.
  • Insure Your Collection: If you haven’t before, you should insure your collection so that you will have peace of mind when you do decide to use our full service moving in Los Angeles. You can do this in one of two ways. First, you can modify your homeowner’s insurance to include your collectibles. Second, you can get a specialty insurance policy to cover just these items specifically.
  • Take pictures of your collectibles: Take clear photographs or even a video of your collectibles in order to document each piece you own. This will be a critical piece of evidence you can submit to your insurance company in the event they challenge the veracity of your claim.packing
  • Employ specialty movers: In addition to the other services we provide, we also handle specialty moves. We take special care of your most valuable and fragile possessions as specialty movers in Burbank. Discuss this option with us before you move so that we can tell you about our moving protection plan.
  • Appropriately pack your collectible and antiques: Use extreme caution when packing your most valued items. Use the right sized boxes and containers. Make sure they are sturdy and that you have an abundance of shipping material such as bubble wrap to protect them.

By following these steps carefully you and your most prized possessions should make the move without any damage. The folks at Russell’s and Moving and Storage will do everything we can to ensure this.