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Have you moved recently? Have you been dying to show off your new digs to your old friends? Well, of course you have. After all, what good is moving into a lovely new home if you can’t show it off to friends new and old? If you want to throw an epic housewarming party and are wondering just how to do it, here are our best tips!

  • Wait a few weeks: We know you are anxious to show off your new home but don’t do so right away. Give yourself some time to put it in order first. It doesn’t have to be perfect but guests should be able to easily maneuver around your new home.
  • Make a plan: The other reason you want to take some time before throwing your housewarming party is that you may wish to plan things out first. For example, you may desire to have a theme to your party such as the 80s, etc.
  • Create a Facebook event: Nearly everyone is on Facebook these days so it is the perfect place to create a housewarming invite for your friends. You can also back up your invite with an email and/or text giving your friends the exact details of your party. This way you will be able to screen out distant acquaintances from close friends.
  • Tell your new neighbors to stop in: A great way to get to know your new neighbors is to invite them over to mingle with you and your old friends. This way the next time you see them you will already have broken the ice.
  • Plan a grand tour: Take your old friends through your new home. Don’t worry if it is not in perfect order. (After all, you do have the excuse of just having moved in handy.) Or you can invite people to look around on their own.
  • Consider making it a game night: Set up teams of people and have a real game night with your new neighbors and old friends. Play charades, trivial pursuit, etc.  house warming party

Yes, a housewarming party is a fun way to relieve some of the stress of moving and at the same time reconnect with friends. These tips will also help you introduce yourself to your neighbors who will become a part of your life. When you are ready to move try our relocation company in Los Angeles. Russell’s Moving and Storage is one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles because we do everything possible to relieve the stress of moving for you and your family.