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Some items that you will pack are very standard and easy such as books and paperwork.
Other items can give you a difficult time as they are either misshapen, extremely fragile, or
contain fluids. As your local Beverly Hills storage provider, we have seen it all when it comes to
unique packaging and have compiled a few tips if you plan to try and go it alone when it comes
to packing difficult items. See below for some of the more difficult items you may come across
when packing up your home.packing
 Ziplocs for toiletries: Sealing the top of your toiletries that contain liquids with a Ziploc
bag is always a great idea. You can take the actual lid off and place the Ziploc down and
then replace the lid. This should add an extra layer of protection should a spill occur.
 Kitchen knives in your toolbox: Placing your kitchen knives in your toolbox helps
protect everyone involved but particularly children. This is a safe place for sharp objects
that only an adult would handle.
 Free weights in backpacks: If you have a workout set at home it is easy to place free
weights in your backpack. They are unlikely to damage your backpack as they can get
quite heavy.
 Towels, linens, and blankets in trash bags: Towels and linens can be great for helping
package up fragile items as a layer of protection within a cardboard box. However, if you
have an abundance of extra towels or linens it is easy to place them inside trash bags.
They are lightweight and unlikely to rip the bags and easy to carry.
 Wrap kitchen items with clothes: Clothing can be a great protective layer for fragile
kitchen items. Clothing can be easily wrapped around odd shaped items. As your Beverly
Hills storage provider, we highly recommend using several layers of clothing on fragile