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Getting along well with the neighbors in your new community should be at the top of your list when you move into your new home. Doing so makes the neighborhood a safer and happier place. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Here are some principles you should adapt that will help you get things off to the right start with your new neighbors.

  • Introduce yourself: We realize that there are a lot of things to so upon moving into a new home but don’t wait too long to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. This is the first step towards establishing a rapport with your neighbors and can go a long way in helping to avoid future conflicts. Also, don’t assume that your new neighbors will take this first step. They may also be busy or be reticent about approaching you.
  • Do small acts of kindness: Be proactive when it comes to establishing a positive relationship with your neighbors. Offer to do little things such as watering their plants when they go on vacation, picking up their mail or offering them a ride if they have no car.
  • Keep the kids corralled: Children can cause a lot of conflicts between neighbors without really meaning to. Be a good neighbor by making sure that your children respect property lines and are courteous in their interactions with your neighbors.
  • Mind your pets: Don’t allow your pets to make the neighbors property a toilet. Control and pick up after your pet to avoid conflicts that could escalate.walking dog
  • Help maintain shared spaces: Trim trees that overlap onto your neighbor’s property, maintain your side of a shared fence, etc. Good neighbors don’t just take care of their own property but they also help to maintain these common spaces for the good of the community.
  • Limit late or loud parties: We realize that you may wish to celebrate upon moving into your new home but do so respectfully. Make a good first impression by limiting the noise levels of such celebrations.

In short, it is everyone’s responsibility to help establish and maintain safe, friendly neighborhoods. When you are finally ready to move, our full service moving in Los Angeles can help you with our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles.